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Al Dente
(all DAN tay (adjective)) (to the tooth) Al dente refers to the desired texture of cooked pasta in Italian cooking. It literally means "to the tooth". When the pasta is cooked al More…
Cooking style for simple cooked dishes such as boiled vegetables. 2) A Method of cooking fish - deep frying in bread crumbs accompanied by tartar sauce 3) Sauce - fresh egg custard.
Au Gratin
Describes a dish which is gratinated (browned) either in an oven or under a grill. The topping is usually made from breadcrumbs or cheese or a mixture including either or both.
Au Jus
Roasted meat served with natural pan juices that accumulate during cooking.
A Greek sweet consisting of very thin pastry (phyllo) layered with nuts (pistachio, almonds, walnuts mixed with sugar and baked - then steeped in honey, lemon juice and rose water.
A balti is also a dish cooked in a karahi, though in this case the term likely originated in Birmingham England. Baltis are based on the food of Baltistan, an area of Pakistan close to the More…
Barbary Duck
Well-flavoured lean duck that is best cooked medium rare. Synonym: Muscovy Duck
To cook over or in front of glowing coals usually charcoal - a form of grilling.
To cover meat or poultry with a slice of fat. Barding protects the meat which might otherwise dry from the heat of the oven.
To flatten meat or fish with a cutlet bat or other suitable implement.
(bahr NAZ) Bearnaise is a sauce similar to hollandaise. It's not like a bechamel sauce at all. A reduction of white wine and seasonings is blended with egg yolks until emulsified. More…
To mix ingredients rapidly so that air is incorporated, resulting in a smooth mixture.
Bechamel is a creamy basic French white sauce is made by stirring milk into a butter-flour mixture called a roux. The thickness of the sauce depends on the proportion of flour and butter to More…
Beef Dripping
The fat and juices left after roasting a joint of beef which set on cooling and separate into jelly beneath and fat on top. Traditionally spread on bread and sprinkled with salt.
Belgian Endive
Related to the dandelion family. Consists of forced heads of pointed leaves which are white with green or yellow tips, and have a characteristically bittersweet taste. Choose yellow tips as More…
Beurre Manié
Kneaded butter and plain flour, whisked in small pieces into a sauce at the end of cooking. 30g beurre manié to 250ml liquid.
A firm dark brown paste made of matured shrimp that is widely used in Southeast Asian cookery. Very strong smelling it is used as a flavouring and can be bought insome delicateesen and More…
Black Bean
It is a small black bean that comes from a yellow pod. It has a meaty, mushroomy flavour, and is used in many South and Central American dishes. Frijoles negros is a well known Mexican dish More…
Black Bean Sauce
It is commercially prepared and made from fermented soya beans, used to flavour many Asian dishes. Some varieties are thick and contain chopped beans; others are smooth and thin. The More…
Black Treacle
A thick, sticky, dark liquid that is a by-product of the sugar refining process. It is mostly used in cake and biscuit making.
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