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Acidulated Water
Water with acid added, such as lemon juice or vinegar. This prevents discolouration of ingredients such as fruit and vegetable; use 1 tsp to 250ml
Agar Agar
A vegetarian alternative to gelatine made with seaweed
Bakers cheese
Common term that covers all unripened soft cheeses. Low-medium fat soft cheeses with a tangy flavor are good for baking because it retains a moist texture. Other unripened cheeses include More…
Baking powder
A raising agent used in making biscuits, breads and particularly cakes. It consists of bicarbonate of soda (alkaline), cream of tartar (tartaric acid) with a dried starch or flour. You can More…
Balsamic vinegar
Vinegar made from grape juice, reduced and thickened before fermentation over several years in oak or chestnut barrels. The older and more expensive the vinegar, the greater the flavour and More…
Barbados sugar
A sugar made from the first stage of crystallisation. Crude, brown and sticky, Barbados sugar is rather like crystallised treacle, and has a strong taste.
The earliest known cereal to be cultivated by man. Although it was used for bread-making before wheat it is low in gluten and thus makes poor bread. Pearl barley is used in cooking, it is More…
Basmati rice
A scented tasting long-grain white rice with slim, pointed grains. Brown basmati is also available. Used particularly in pilafs and salads and in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking as an More…
To keep foods moist during cooking with a sauce, pan juice or wine.
Bicarbonate of soda
An alkaline raising agent used in recipes that contain an acid ingredient such as buttermilk or lemon juice - ideal for soda bread. It is one of the ingredients of baking powder. It can be More…
Black Eyed Bean
There are many varieties but the most familiar are small and kidney-shaped, creamy in colour and have a distinctive black spot. Good earthy, nutty flavour. Retains its texture well once More…
Bocconcini Di Mozzarella
Small balls of mozzarella cheese.
Bramble Jelly
A jam-like spread made from blackberries which has a dark colour but is completely clear and smooth. Sweet to the taste and used on breads and toast, or in yogurt.
Outer layer of cereal grains, left in wholemeal flour. Also used for making high-fibre breakfast cereals.
Crustless white or brown bread reduced to granules with a cheese grater, in a blender or food processor, or worked through a sieve. Fresh breadcrumbs are used in stuffings and to thicken More…
A rich bread made with a high proportion of eggs and butter, traditionally baked in a distinctive fluted (wavy) mould. It is often eaten warm and sometimes filled.
Brown Rice
Rice with just the inedible outer husk removed. There are many varieties of brown rice which has a higher fibre content than white, polished varieties. Brown basmati, short grain and long More…
A very small type of macaroni or tube-shaped pasta.
A cereal plant originating from the orient its triangular shaped seeds resemble beechnuts of a plant related to rhubarb. It can be bought as grains roasted or unroasted, or as a milled More…
This ia Cracked Wheat, cracked by boiling, and is a staple in the Middle East, where it is the base for tabbouleh and kibbeh. It's easy to prepare: soak for 30 minutes and then drain More…
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