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The Brits took back with quite a lot of Indian Culture back to England , including recipes and terms … After living in the UK for nearly seven years , I too, brought back with me a few bits of England… Lager Shandy is definitely one of the TOP FIVE ….

Lager ( or Beer) Shandy is simply a combination of lemonade (carbonated lemon drink like sprite, 7-up, preferrable not as sweet) and Lager (beer). The ratio in which they are mixed could vary on individual taste. I Personally prefer a 60(lager)-40(sprite) ratio.

A strong version of Shandy where the ratio is , lager 80% to carbonated lemonade 20%, is known as a Lager Top

You could also try making the Shandy more  potent variation  by  mixing a portion of AlcoPop like  Smirnoff Ice or Lemon Bacardi Breezer or simply a shot or more of the base alcohol. This is also known as a Turbo Shandy

What i like about this drink is it is hardly any effort to make plus it tastes almost like sweet Champagne (Dont kill me if  it doesn’t, atleast it looks like it :) ) and very very refreshing to have.

If you are a person who usually has a few social friends around, This option could be a nice, quick and reasonably cheaper option to treat your gang with …try It.
And Feel free to frost your glass with salt and add a wedge of lime.

Oh yeah! If you want a more richer option …. try making Irish Cream Liquior (Like Baileys)

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