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Did you know the secret ingredients to assemble the perfect hotdog … Marvins Puke and Charlies Snoot …

Mustard Marvin
Mustard is fun just the way it is. But when you add Mustard Marvin into the mix, squirting mustard onto your hot dogs and burgers becomes hilarious! Just pop the top off your regular-sized mustard dispenser and replace it with Mustard Marvin. Then just squeeze your mustard to make Marvin puke in a good way! Dishwasher safe.

Ketchup Charlie
Want to make your cookout more fun (and GROSS)!? Pop the regular top off your ketchup bottle and replace it with Ketchup Charlie! Ketchup Charlie fits on the top of most ketchup bottles, and makes ketchup pouring very interesting – it will look like ketchup is pouring out of Charlie’s nose! Dishwasher safe.


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