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Methi (Fresh Fenugreek Leaves) has always been my favorite greens. I remember my mon making Methi Bhaji ( with aloo/potatoes)) and Chapaties  for breakfast as default, whenever I returned from college/hostel or even when visited home from England.  Having to face a choice to choose between  Methi Bhaji and  anything else, be it Chicken or Mutton, I would choose the former… anyday!

Combining Methi with Chicken or Mutton ,  is  like having best of both worlds! or as  it might be referred  in Hindi as “Sone Pe Suhaga” …Indeed

  • 1 1/2 lbs chicken thigh meat
  • chilli pdr
  • chopped coriander leaves
  • coriander pdr
  • cumin
  • curd (yogurt)
  • garam masala pdr
  • ginger garlic paste
  • gr chilli
  • bunch of methi leaves(fresh)
  • 2 number onion small
  • salt
  • 3 number toamto
  • turmeric

Procedure :

  1. heat oil in a pan add cumin ,onion and cook till golden brown
  2. add turmeric , ginger garlic paste
  3. add tomatoes ,chilli pdr,coriander pdr, and curd and cook covered till well cooked
  4. add methi leaves ,chicken and cook till the sauce is thick
  5. add coriander leaves and garam masala pdr and serve hot with rice or naan with cold curd as accopaniment

Also, You could replace the chicken with Mutton , If you wish to make “Methi Mutton”. But remember to pressure cook you mutton before  adding it into the  Curry.

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  1. Lokhipai says:

    Please check the ingredients; something just is not right…..

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