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Garlic is a probably the most fundamental ingredient in many of recipes around the world and I bet , like me many must hate preparing/peeling it. Moreover after preparing gralic the traditional way , you smell like it for rest of the day … you could avoid this … try one of the following

  • Smashing garlic with a knife (As done in television food shows) This works fine if you’re going to slice, dice, or squash the garlic.
  • Soak the cloves in cold water for a few minutes. The peel slips off easily, leaving the whole clove intact.
  • Pour little oil over the garlics pods, Sprinkle some salt and leave it in Hot sum for a few minutes , may be some more minutes , is the sun is not hot enough or you could put it hot oven for a few minutes. Make sure that you dont them long enough to cook them :). Place these pods/cloves inside a kitchen towel and rub them gently. See the Pods get seperated from their skin easily.

Try and use  old garlic. Old garlic is one which has been little aged/dried and is not a bit wet and  has not began to sprout.

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