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Add some Gulkhand to your Vanilla Life …
You might find this receipe a “No No” when you think about it… you have to try it  to like it .  Also! you will just LOVE it , if you are a Sweet/Meetha Paan person…

This receipe came from a friend of mine , Mrigank (, who, may I call is a lucky devil, who gets to taste all sorts of fantastic food he shoots ( he is pro photographer) .  He suggested this receipe ( hope it is not copyrighted)  on his way back from a Food Shoot , a few years back . Said it was a must try.  I dint like the sound of it  then but surely wanted to try it someday , just for a check in the box, been there, done it.Yesterday evening, I finally experienced the tryst  of the Maggai Jodi meetha paan , I got from station  and some Vanilla Ice Cream  that was just melting away in my over frosted fridge.

I dint bother with the exact proprtions … Since Maggai Jodis are small in size … I mixed one jodi with 200ml of Vanilla Ice Cream. Again If you like Sweet Paan and Ice Cream , Donot worry about the proportions.
PS. I forgot to take a picture … maybe next time!

What is Paan ?
Paan is a widely used as a paint substitute and for road-marking, as evidenced by the number of urban buildings and streets in Indian & Pakistani cities which you will find streaked with the murky-reddish discharge of paan-chewers.  ( Just joking … Read it on site about Paan)

Paan = Beetal Leaf

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  1. Chetna says:

    i truely have my doubts about this
    : )

  2. Nikhil says:

    I did mention before …. Try it to like it!

  3. Nikhil says:

    well its some WP template that I slightly modified … will be happy to share …

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