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Happy Holi Day!

This is probably what a traditional Rajasthani Ghevar looks like

Since past few years on HOLI day (the festival of colors in INDIA) rings only one thing in my years “GHEVAR” …  Even today , I religiously got up earlier than everyday to beat the mad rush that would happen at around early noon at Jhamma’s in Chembur Camp  to buy  Ghevar . It seems traditional to buy, eat and give Ghevar today … Oh Yes! Thats apart from traditional psychotropic beverage , namely “BHANG”, … that people consume today infused into all sort of mediums like Thandai, Laddoos, Pakoras etc. Ghevar escalates my spirit of Holi equally , so I dont need “BHANG” or any cultural delicacies with bhang, for that matter … Thank You! today is Ghevar Day for me! Pure-n-Unadulterated…


What is Ghevar?
Ghevar is a famous Rajasthani sweet traditionally associated with the Teej Festival. It is disc-shaped, and made from oil, flour and sugar syrup. There are many varieties of Ghevar, such as plain, mawa and malai ghevar.

So! Is the Ghevar I bought Actually Ghevar?

This is what i bought Ghevar this morning… The Jhamma (Chembur) version

With the habit of googling just about everything that pops into my mind .. I realized that the Ghevar that I was so excited about is not the Rajasthani Ghevar at all. Though the concept or the method of preparation seems simialr ie. something DEEP fried in hot oil and then dipped in Sugar Syrup…  Is the taste of both version miles apart? “No! as the base ingredient for both versions too is Plain Flour” … IS ONLY MY GUESS!

I’m not sure,  if we can get the traditional Rajashatni Ghevar anywhere in Mumbai (wont believe if it isn’t… as this is Mumbai Meri Jaan and everything is available here). I would like to taste the original thing someday … meanwhile I’m totally content  the Jhamma version of Ghevar. Traditional or not! I love it …

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