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Wanted to try brewing some home made beetroot wine since I tried my skills brewing some Home made Ginger Wine… just of sound of beetroot wine was yum to my ears and just after five days of brewing some of my own, I experienced that it was indeed yum on the palate too. I am supposed to leave it undisturbed … but cant help… I have disturbed it twice in five days already. I have to taste it(every time I stir it) …. just in case something seems missing in its flavor, It could be corrected early :) … that’s my argument at least, if this wrong doing of mine ends up spoiling the end results.

If you wondering where is the recipe…. Donot despair!, watch this space… Once I’m satisfied with the results, I’ll post a detailed report here.

PS. I’m parallely trying two versions of the Beetroot wine … one with Boiled beetroot … and other one with raw beetroot.


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