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I’m quite a fan of the Tetra packed Guava necter and for a while now since I made my my first infuision ( the Ginger Infused with Gin) , I had been contemplating making something out of Guava ( Peru in Hindi) . Finally, I tried making this version. It has turned out resonably ok. Im not sure what to call this concoction( as it doesnt taste anything close to wine)…so am calling it Guava Brew.  If you are going to try this brew, try out a little … the fruit brew seem to be very strong in their flavours , so not everyone loves it…

guava_brewBe Aware : I lost my patience and I made a mistake… used a blender to crush the Guava , was too lazy to grate it … I wont do that mistake again and am strickly warning  everyone who is going to try Home Brew too … It has turned into a Guava Smoothie Brew …  Inspite of filtering thru finest filter available to me ( the Muslin like  paper coffee filter) … It didnot filter well and has truned out creamy … No good really….  you can notice in the attached picture …  the bottom layer still looks gooey.

Also , only 3 out of 10 people liked it.

Ingredients :

  • 1/2 Kg of ripe Guava
  • 1 Ltr of pre-boiled and cooled water
  • 50 gms of dry yeast powder
  • 10-20 grms for wheat grains


  1. Clean and Grate Guava and Put it in the Wide Mouthed Bootle (steralised, if possible)
  2. Add the pre boiled water, yeast and wheat grains to the grate
  3. Stir it with a wooden spatula<br/> Store your brew in a dry hot place to ferment.
  4. Remember  that the fermentaion process will cause your brew to bubble and hense can get quite smelly …
  5. Stir it once in while may be after 5-6 days …  taste it!
  6. After a month or so  filter the brew, using a fine muslin cloth or a coffee filter … Store it in bottle in a cold place to prevent further fermentation
  7. NOTE : It is important to use a wooden spatula ( not metal), also , if possible use a GLASS/Ceramic bottle for your brew.

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