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Untill  end of 2008 , I tried a few infusions at home … never was driven too much towards home brewing of wine… always thought  “Leave it to the Experts” … I was wrong… one has to start to some day as a nervous novice to be a confident expert on the  subject( some in the far future)…
I have to thank Mr. Almeida ( father of a good friend of mine, DON)… I must say…It was his fabulous home made  Ginger Wine that made me join the Home Brewers League… It usally happens so ” The First Impression is the Last Impressionz” … Most of us actually never eat , drink or do something , beacuse our first impression /experience with it was BAD. We make up our mind and  we never dare again.  Again! Thanks to Mr. Almeida’s home brew , that I had an excellent FIRST IMPRESSION and I got hooked on to Home Brewing.
I had the Receipe that Don got it form his dad for almost a year in my Wallet… Finally in Dec 2008,  while in Mangalore… I decided to actually try my own Ginger Brew using this receipe…. and honestly I’m very  gald ( and so are the few people I got to taste this brew) that  I did…

So again … the receipe below is kind courtesy of Mr. Almeida…
Also note that the receipe makes almost 4 litres of brew … so you could reduce it proportionately to make more or less quantity.

ALSO NOTE :  It is important to keep in a air tight jar/container ( like a demijohn) with an Air Lock to let the gases/air out of the brew while it is fermenting and to not let the air/outside moisture not let in. But dont despair … if you dont have the right equipment, I dont have it too…  Keep it as air-tight as possible, and keep monitoring it closely , so that it doesnt spill over. This watch is required only in the first few days of fermentation , when the brew ferment and produces gases. After a days you can leave it totally air tight

Oh well! the reason is simple … the final product is very rich… almost like Birstol Harvey Cream … Hence I call it Sherry .


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