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Here’s How:
1. Establish contact in a friendly manner and gain trust.
2. Never be condescending. Don’t make fun of the person.
3. Don’t try to reason. It is a waste of time and effort. Keep conversation on a friendly level.
4. Try to get car keys by any means, using force as last resort.
5. Blame the reason why person has to stay on the couch, or take a taxi on someone besides you, preferably someone not present.
6. Stay with person.
7. Try to get them to drink lots of water.
8. If you have been drinking, get someone sober to help.
9. Look for possible signs of alcohol poisoning (unresponsive, can’t wake up, or stops breathing).
10. Encourage vomiting in a good place.
11. Lie if you have to, to make them happy.
12. Call 911 if it is out of control or person does not respond.

1. The law is on your side. Call for help if you can’t get the problem resolved, is better than risking a life.
2. Coffee will not help. This gives you a “wide awake drunk” and leads to further dehydration.
3. If the person is unresponsive, position them on their side. Call for an Ambulance .

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