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Just like the English took back the Indian Curry …I too had to get back something from the UK … 
During my  six year long stay in the Kingdom , I tasted a few versions of Sloe Gins… Sloe Gin is Sloe ( kind of berries) infused into Gin… It is made at quite a few UK households.  For a while now, I had been thinking to make my own infusion of Ginger with Gin. Ginger with its known medicinal properties , especially for common cold would be alchemy when infused with ginger, so  I thought  and I thought so right… Since , I made this infusion at home a few months back, It has been a smashing hit with family, friends and relatives …. The Ultimate Common Cold Buster.
There is no lengthy procedure to follow, so you could try it at home and enjoy ….

gin_infusionsI have written the recipe for the Ginger Infused Gin below. I have also tried  slight variations to these …
CIN GIN :  CINnamon infused Gin ( same as below, but more of cinnamon and less of ginger)
LIM GIN:  LIMe infused Gin ( again same as below but  slices of lime with very little cinnamon and ginder infused with gin)

Note: The attached picture shows the tree versions I prepared (from left to right : Cinnamon, Lime and Ginger)

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